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12 July 2011

A Letter to my Baby

Dear baby apparently right now you are about the size of a poppyseed...yet still causing me to drink and pee all the time.  Go figure!  Something so small probably can't pick up on emotional energy or 'vibes' but in case you can I thought I would write this.  Even if it means nothing to you now, hopefully I'll be able to show it to you one day and show you how I felt right now...or at least remind myself.

You may have noticed, when I realised you were there, a distinct lack of endorphins or adrenaline, or whatever hormone is supposed to be produced when we humans are excited.  Please do not think that this is because you aren't wanted.  It is because you are so wanted that I have to try and stop myself getting attached at this early stage.  Because I have had to harden my heart to withstand disappointment.  But don't that let you stop getting attached.  You cling on tight.  You be strong until I can be and hopefully I will have the chance to show you soon how much you are wanted.


your Mum-in-waiting

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  1. Adi, this is beautiful. i think it is wonderful you are writing this. i know it is so hard to get attached and these letters you write are perfect. i often think to myself i will write letters to my baby someday for the very same reasons.
    i'm hoping and praying that everything goes well and that poppyseed keeps growing big and strong. <3