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04 July 2011

And let the obsessing begin...

So I'm 8DPO and it's started. Symptom obsession. Today it's my bladder. Now DH likes to tease me about its less than impressive capacity. But now I need to go 5 minutes after I've been. The problem is I've also had this symptom and then got a BFN. Plus, what would a BFP be anyway but a promise that may or may not be kept. In line with what my shrink says I'll just have to accept that overanalyzing things is in my nature because trying to fight it is only going to make me think about it more. Also feeling a bit queasy in the last hour or so. Still no testing till at least Sunday...Monday if I can manage it. Hopefully this blog will keep me honest.

DH and I went into USA Foods, American Grocery store, to get sloppy joe sauce and of course a few other things found their way into our basket as well. I've never had 'Hostess Cupcakes' but Joe remembers them from his childhood. They look positively evil.

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  1. 8dpo is right about when it starts for me too. i'm hoping that your bladder is bc there's a baby implanting. i hate reading into symptoms but i do it every time...never fails.
    i don't think this is my month
    wishing you tons of luck and love!! <3