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15 July 2011

the Human Voodoo Doll

That's the best description of my experiences this week.  Tuesday had my HCG and progesterone levels checked.  The FS called about 12 on Tuesday and told me to get referrals for blood tests on Tuesday and Thursday.  Of course my GP is nowhere near work so I found a medical centre in the city that's close to one of the collection centres and luckily managed to get an appointment at 1:15.  Only 1 vial this time - not like when I had my recurrent miscarriage testing and they took 9!!!

Wednesday night I went to my acupuncture appointment where she did some treatment to help the little one stick and some positive visualisation and relaxation.

Yesterday I had my 2nd beta HCG and progesterone and got the results of the first!  The doctor gave me a code to log into a website with my results.  This newfangled technology! ;)  So I know that my HCG on Tuesday at 16DPO was 557 and progesterone was 47.6.  I've been through this enough times to know that one HCG result doesn't mean anything on its own so I'll be checking today to hopefully see that it's doubling.  As forthe progesterone, I really don't know what is considered good, but I think as long as it's above 10 and not dropping it's ok.  Fingers crossed.

Otherwise symptoms aren't too strong.  Am peeing constantly and get really thirsty and my boobs are a bit tender but only really if I press them.  Just trying to distract myself as much as possible and not think too far ahead.  Sometimes I succeed...

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  1. That is some amazing progesterone you go there! You go girl! Wishing you luck for your second round of bloodwork! Glad things are going smoothly. :)
    Happy weekend!xoxo