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06 July 2011

10 DPO...not that I'm counting...

So...still getting those mild crampy feelings, but only in the afternoon today.  I was also seriously thirsty.  So of course I start googling symptoms.  I worry I'm setting myself up for a fall...either now or in a few weeks.  Call it the triumph of hope over experience.

Yesterday we had an electrician come to install a safety switch, our fan/bedroom light and a new power point in a better (and legal - i.e. not above the bath) position.  DH took the day off work as he doesn't like tradesmen being in the house when we're not here.  He used the time to clean and tidy :) but unfortunately forgot to reset my alarm :(.  Luckily my body clock woke me up this morning at 6.21 am.  I had to get brekkie at work but we did get out in time.

Now off to distract myself with some "Offspring".

1 comment:

  1. thank you so much for your nice comment earlier. it make me smile.
    i'm feeling for you as we are only days away in our cycles and i know exactly what you're going through. i just had some ice cream for you and about 60 other people. :)
    keeping positive thoughts for you and hoping and wishing and praying!
    i'll be checking back to see how you're making out!
    lots of love!