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02 July 2011

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Thanks to the beautiful Maria @ Every Day is a Country Song for this prestigious award.  Apparently I am not supposed to make 3 wishes without letting the power go to my head - mwahaha

Maybe I should ask Chief for advice since we believe he is "Ceiling Cat" after all...

Funnily enough, there is a black cat that lives nearby, who cries to get into our apartment sometimes.  I have taken to calling him "Basement Cat".  He hisses at us when we try to tell him to go home, so I think he is living up to his name.

Anyway, 'scuse the rambling.  I was cleaning the grout in the shower this morning with a toothbrush and might have got a bit high on the bleach fumes (j/k).  So...3 wishes...

I know Maria already said this one, but I have long said that the working week should be 2 days and the weekend 5.  Let it be so!

Secondly, I think it's high time there was such thing as a self-cleaning house.  I wish I could be a bit like Barbara Eden in "I Dream of Jeannie", fold my arms and blink and the dishes, vacuuming, dusting and bathroom cleaning would all be done.

Finally, I think we should all be able to travel by telekinesis, which means none of us would have to worry about airfares, airplane food or those tiny airplane toilets anymore - we could travel somewhere just by concentrating.  Which means, whenever I was feeling a bit down (or one of them was) I could travel to one of my internet friends and we could go get some girly treat like facials or ice cream sundaes or something.  Of course we'd also be able to go back in time so if we needed to speak to a close friend or relative who had passed away, we could.

Well those are my thoughts for now.  I suppose I should get back to cleaning the house...


  1. wow, i love your wishes. the traveling by telekinesis got me thinking, damn...wish it really could be true!
    i often think how much i wish a lot of my blog friends lived close. i would love to meet so many of you now, for drinks and someday, with our babes.
    step away from the bleach and toothbrush and take a break my magic wand says so ;)
    ps-you and steve are music twins. he LOVES this song!
    happy weekend friend!

  2. o and pss- that cat picture is fantastic!!! hahaha

  3. Yes - will have to post a pic of my actual cat...whenever he decides to come back in.