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07 June 2011

The Waiting

I decided a while ago that the Tom Petty song "the Waiting" was one of the themes of my TTC journey. I 'discovered' Tom Petty rather late but he certainly has some great songs that have struck a chord with me in my life.

The Waiting (feat Eddie Vedder)

For Maria (a fellow blogger): if you're reading, I thought you and/or your hubby might appreciate this version....

As any woman who has been through this journey will understand it is all about 'the waiting'. Your life gets broken up into these blocks of time and you always seem to be waiting for something: waiting to get AF, waiting for O, waiting to test, waiting for the next FS appointment...Then if you are lucky enough to get that elusive BFP, there's waiting for blood work, waiting for scans, waiting to see a heartbeat (not that I would know what that's like :( ). I think that's why we feel the time that has passed in this journey that much more than men. Every time I take my temperature I am reminded of how long we've been trying. The calendar mocks me as each key date passes.

Next month will be EDD number 3. I think it was the 23rd. I'm glad in a way that I didn't memorize the exact date.

I am just on my way into the city after my post-op appointment for the appendix. Everything seems to have gone well in that department. The surgeon said we could try again when I could sneeze or do sit-ups without pain. So if I start doing sit-ups tonight, DH might start getting ideas ;). Anyway, AF should be here in a few days and then the waiting to O starts again. And if we have no luck in June or July we will be waiting until August for our next FS appointment. And as Tom Petty sings, "the waiting is the hardest part".

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  1. adi, thank you so much for the beautiful post. it made me cry...i'm so emotional.
    i just passed the video along to steve and i watched it as well...
    what perfect lyrics! i love tom petty! my brother is a huge fan!
    waiting really is the hardest part. i pray you don't have much longer to wait for your blessing! <3much love