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26 June 2011

One day, two parties, many babies

There were a lot of babies today.  I went to a 30th this morning and quite a few people there had babies or young kids.  One girl, who is more of an "acquaintance" asked me if I wanted to hold her baby.  We weren't even talking at the time so it was a bit strange.  I surprised myself with how quickly I said "no".  I've never felt that comfortable with this girl, plus I'm not in the habit of holding other people's babies unless I know them very well.  Because of my disability I get nervous with newborns and think they won't feel comfortable, since I can't relax my left arm properly.  (I've never dropped one, though).  DH, on the other hand, is quite happy to hold other people's newborns (and looks comfortable holding them).  I found out later that the girl thought she had upset me, which I feel a bit bad about.  I can understand it would be difficult to know the "right" thing to say to someone in my situation when you have a new baby.

Then I went to my friends' "le'Chaim" for their twin girls.  I had warned my friend, R, I might not be able to stay long.  She went through 4 cycles of IVF to have them so she understands the emotions involved.  In the end it was more just the fact that there were so many people and I was getting claustrophobic that made me tell DH it was time to leave.  We still managed to stay over an hour.  I'm wondering if the day took more out of me than I thought it had though, as I was falling asleep in the car at 5 pm.

I thought I'd got a positive OPK on Friday but I got an even stronger one last night.  Unfortunately, DH lost his wallet last night, which put him in a foul mood.  Of all the days for that to happen.  I could see this month's baby chances going down the drain (metaphorically speaking ;) ).  He was still in a bad mood this morning.  Here we go again, I thought.  Another month of me having to guilt trip him into BD'ing.  My stomach churned at the thought.  Then I thought, why not take the guilt out of it for a change and stick to simple facts.  I said to him, "Can I put something to you?"  When he said yes, I said, "In a couple of weeks this stuff with your wallet and cards will be sorted out, but we'll have missed our chance."  And I left it at that.  And it worked.  I just hope we don't have to keep doing this every month for much longer...


  1. Glad to hear you putting things into perspective, worked and you got to do the baby dance!
    I was at a party this wkend and all the women had children but me and they were going on and on, which I understand completely...then, one said to me, "do you have kids, maria" and I felt kinda odd but politely said, "no I don't"...though I ?'ed if I sounded a bit snippy with my response.
    Wishing you the most quick and painless 2ww possible
    :) Maria

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your bris experience did sound very much like my baptism experience. And, you're brave for handling two things in one day this weekend. Good luck this month!