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29 June 2011

The "Too-Weak-to" Wait

Well the all-knowing Fertility Friend has called O for Sunday, so I am now 3DPO. This is the part of the 2-week wait when I get to pretend I'm a normal, sane person. It's next week that I'll be analysing every twinge and playing hostage negotiator with myself about a HPT (step away from the pee stick. If you end this now, nobody needs to get hurt).

This month I am going to try to be really Zen about the whole thing (notice the use of the word 'try'). We'll see how I go...


  1. such a clever and cute title to the post!
    i think there must be about 20 of us in the 2ww! i am about 7 days...since i wasn't monitored and i got a + opk last monday, i'm guessing i o'ed one wed at the latest. things are about to get crazy here.
    i'm wishing you a calm, cool and collected 2ww...and if you get the urge to pee on a stick, you can take mine for me ;)
    lots of love and prayers!

  2. Thanks Maria. Who are the 20 of us? 20 bloggers?