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22 June 2011

Mr D.C., we have to stop meeting like this!

So I had another encounter with Mr Dildo Cam this morning.  You'd think by now he would have at least bought me dinner, but no...I'm beginning to think he's using me ;P

The ultrasound was originally scheduled for 25 May, but of course I was in hospital recovering from being kicked in the guts by a mule (aka having my appendix removed).  The left-sided pain I'd been having just before AF wasn't there this cycle, but I contacted my FS and she said to go ahead and have the scan.

Good news, the Dr couldn't see any pathology except for one small fibroid on the outside of my uterus, which was not a problem.  He also said my endometrial lining was ok.  Unfortunately he also said he couldn't see a dominant follicle, even though I'm CD12 today.  That doesn't necessarily mean the cycle's a bust...I've generally O'd a bit later than the textbook CD14 (usually CD17/18).  I still think a monitored cycle is a good idea (assuming we have no success before the next FS appointment) but we'll see how we go.  At the moment it's just "business as usual": OPKs and BDing every other day until a positive.  So tonight's a night off.  Let's hope Joshua Radin helps get us in the mood...On that note...

  Sky - Joshua Radin (feat Ingrid Michaelson)


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  1. How was the concert? I hope you and your husband had a wonderful time! I'm sure it was! :) we're only a few days apart, cycle sister!! Glad to hear your appt went well! Wishing you lots of luck and sending fertile vibes your way! Hoping you get that positive in a few weeks!