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17 June 2011

Lies, Damn lies and Statistics

You know you're having trouble starting a family when...a couple who got married the week before you are having their second child.

I've read in a few places that even after 3 miscarriages a couple has a 60% chance of a successful pregnancy without any intervention. I'm supposed to find that comforting and on some level I guess I do, but certainly not completely. The reason: statistics also tell me that only 1% of couples experience 3 miscarriages. Well I beat those odds. They also tell me that only 5% of fibroids are sub-mucosal - the type most likely to cause miscarriages. Beat that one too. Statistics aren't much comfort when you're already on the wrong side of them...

1 comment:

  1. amen to that!!
    we know so many people who are on their 2nd and started trying when we did...very happy for them, but it really does make you realize how long your journey has been.
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!!