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31 May 2011


I've written before about how most of my friends seem to be having babies at the moment and I have been wondering how the massive difference this has made to their lives will affect our friendships.  I am not foolish or naive enough to think that it won't affect it.  My friendships are so important to me and I am willing to be as flexible as I need to be to maintain them.  But the fact is that my friends have this huge thing in their lives in common with each other that I don't and it worries me.  Will we still have things to talk about?  Will we still have time to see each other.

Our semi-regular girls' brunch is coming up again and I don't really feel up to going anymore.  Seeing one friend at a time with her new baby I can handle, but more than one is a problem...especially when they start basing our brunch destination on its baby-friendliness and the timing of it on their baby's potential bowel movements...

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