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06 February 2011

Map of Tassie

Well our "rest and recovery" trip to Tasmania is booked: 7 nights spread between Hobart, Strahan, Cradle Mountain and the Tamar Valley from 10 March.  We tossed up whether it was a good idea to spend the mone, given our impending indebtedness and other potential expenses, but decided that after what the last 2 months have thrown at us, we need this.  Who knows?  We might even make our "rainbow baby" over there...

Will be calling the specialist for coeliac antibody results on Tuesday.  If they are positive I will have to go see a gastroenterologist (there really is no abbreviation for them, is there?) and book in for a gastroscopy and biopsy of my small intestine (that should be a fun day out...).

In the meantime I have been to a naturopath.  Never thought I would go to one but she is also a pharmacist and was recommended by my scientist friend so I thought I should at least give it a go.  She has put me on a "detox programme", which I am following most of: no potatoes, no dairy, no grapes, no bananas (won't be able to afford them after TC Yasi anyway), no carbs at night, no beef (haven't completely stuck to that one), no fruit juice and LOTS of salad!  Never been a big salad eater so that one is tough.  She wanted me to give up gluten but I said I wasn't going to do that until I know the results of the coeliac blood test as giving it up now will mean I can't get a conclusive diagnosis.  So if my blood test result is negative, I will probably be giving up gluten from Tuesday (in case I'm gluten intolerant but not coeliac) and if it is positive I will probably be giving it up after the biopsy.

She also "prescribed" 3 different supplements, 2 of which I left at work on Friday.  Oh well...I was supposed to have a Supreme Court trial starting next week that just settled on Friday and have been flat out at work, so not entirely surprised I forgot something.  The supplements aren't cheap either!  But I figure if they help me feel less bloated and more energetic (and possibly carry a baby to term) they'll be worth every cent.

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