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26 January 2011

Incompatible with Life

Well we had our D&C follow-up appointment with the Fertility Specialist yesterday.  Well we found out foetus had extra chromosome 16, which means it could not have been born alive, so that's a relief in one sense. It was a girl too. Am still having the coeliac test and we will decide what to do from there.

I think I'm a little relieved that it was a chromosomal problem, but not as much as I thought I would be. Maybe it's because there are still the previous 2 miscarriages for which we'll never have a definite answer. As for knowing the sex, I think it makes the loss more real, but knowing she could never have been born alive stops me fantasising about what she might have looked like etc. I still have no confidence that my body can do this - now I'm worrying about whether all my eggs are bad so really I think all I've done is changed which worry I'm focussing on.

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  1. Ah Adi, I'm so sorry this is your path. I suppose it's a good thing to find out that this was a random chance event and that your likelihood of carrying a chromosomally normal foetus is average, but it must all be hurting like hell. Your body CAN do it, you're only young yet and there's definitely a baby to come from you. For sure.