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22 January 2011

Blame the bread?

Well I have a new theory about my recurrent miscarriages - and it's one that would never have occurred to me if my Mum hadn't mentioned it the other day.  I may be coeliac/gluten intolerant.

I have had mild gastrointestinal symptoms (bloating, gas, sometimes upset stomach) since before we started TTC but I kind of stopped looking into it when I had my first m/c. Apparently there is a link. So I will be asking the FS to give me a referral for a blood test.

Strangely enough, the first internal ultrasound I ever had was because of the bloating; I'd read that it can be an early warning sign for ovarian cancer and freaked out.  Well, my ovaries looked fine but they did find a couple of small fibroids.  My GP said I could have further testing done (I think she suggested fructose intolerance - can't remember her mentioning gluten) but shortly after that I had my first m/c and my intermittent GI symptoms got pushed to the back of my mind while I started researching fibroids etc.  If I do test positive it'll be a huge life change and I think I'll find it quite hard as I love food and eating out.  But if it will make me feel healthier and help me carry a healthy baby to term I think it will be a small price to pay. 

Sadly I've read that many GPs and even fertility specialists don't think to test for this, even though it's been known for a while that coeliac disease is associated with recurrent miscarriage.  A lot of women apparently don't become symptomatic until their 40s or 50s by which time their reproductive years are over. :(

Anyway I still have to get tested first.  If the testing is negative I'll have to decide whether I try a gluten free diet anyway, in case I've got some non-Coeliac form of gluten intolerance or just go back to trying again.  If I do have to start a gluten free diet I hope it won't put off TTC again for too long.  I feel like a broken record - I've been stuck in the same place for 2 years now. 

Had my Vitamin D checked yesterday.  I have had so many blood tests now I am starting to feel like a human tap!  Apparently Coeliac Disease can cause that to be low as well (I always thought it was just living in Melbourne and working in an office all day) so if the result comes back low when we go see the FS on Tuesday it might have me more ammunition to ask for Coeliac screening.

The reason I haven't blogged for a while is that my father-in-law died suddenly the week before last.  He was very overweight and had been in hospital for a few days last year with heart trouble, but he was doing cardiac rehab and we thought he was making progress.  On the night of the 10th he apparently collapsed and couldn't be revived.  Joe's sister Jamie (who's pregnant) had to fly back from Israel and his 2 half-sisters had to fly down from Brisbane amidst all the chaos of the floods.  Joe is doing about as well as can be expected considering.

What has made it more stressful is that my mother-in-law wants to go back to the US.  She has no money and while the kids (and kids-in-law) are prepared to pay for her ticket, she is in desperate need of psychiatric help before she goes and won't admit it.  I'm hoping we find a way to make her see sense in the not-too-distant future.

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